TWINE | Tavolino basso

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Lacquered round service table

Matt Lacquer

Line of coffee tables inspired by one of the simplest inventions of man: the button. The top of the coffee table is in fact a huge button, while the structure is determined by a metal wire that runs through the 2 holes in the center of the top. A playful and nostalgic touch.



"The idea came about when designers Lisa and Anna were researching various methods of construction. They had just finished preparing tapestries for an exhibition and wondered 'would it be possible to sew a table?' With the idea of cutting and sewing, they passed a metal wire through the table top, thus transforming the wire into the legs and supporting structure of the table itself. The Twine Tables, with the shape of a button, can be placed in various contexts from the living room at home, an elegant waiting room or a fashion boutique."  



Painted metal frame. Solid wood or matte white lacquered MDF top.

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